Solution of 4 Problems...

It is true that one needs to eradicate these mentioned problems and then only he/she will be adept in speaking English Fluently. So in our English Lab, we provide solutions for all the problems which one may face while trying to learn English. The innovative techniques to learn English serve as solutions to eradicate the mentioned problems and help a candidate to make a concrete foundation to learn English.


Problem 1 - Solution No. 1 IFR (Image Feeding and Replacement)

To begin with, we have copyrighted all our techniques for learning English language in 164 countries including India because these techniques are innovated by Smarttalk's R&D team, so nobody can use these techniques in these 164 countries including India without our written permission. We have patent right on all our techniques so that it continues to exist with its uniqueness and effectiveness that we have imbibed in our techniques. These techniques are time-tested techniques which are created after rigorous assessment of its application on the mass which will use these techniques to learn English. These techniques are combined ultimate solution providers for the problems faced by the individuals to learn English.

This technique works to remove hesitation and builds confidence to speak fluent English. This technique helps a person to start speaking English fluently within 10 days. This technique is based on (R+A) i.e. reiterate and augment method. Through these sessions, a candidate can easily start speaking English for 1 to 3 minutes within 10 days. In IFR Session, the stretch to create Minimum flow of Language is further enhanced by Ham session, Jam session, TM session, Picture visualization, extempore, confidence chiseling session, debates & declamation and group discussion etc. To make this technique applicable we use a book called Express yourself of Smarttalk through home tutor as given in the picture no.1(a,b,c)

Problem No. 2 Environment, Solution No. 2 LRWS Software

The second technique which is also a universal way to learn English is LRWS technique. As we usually face the problem of environment so to create the English language environment we innovated a software named LRWS, candidate gets an environment of English language in sentence form, by using this technique we try to develop the fluency, improve thought process, and remove pauses, fillers etc. in speaking English.

How we use LRWS?

This is a scientific and universal method of learning any language in a short span of time. It is based on three steps that are Audio formation, Video formation and Creation.

1st step: Listening, we call it “Audio formation for making strong data base of English in candidate's sub-conscious mind, candidate listens prerecorded lessons through LRWS software with the help of earphone. As we have already explained in environment problem that whatever we feed in our subconscious mind the same we get as an output in the same form. So through this software firstly a candidate listens pre-recorded lessons in sentence form means complete prepared form as a language and try to make strong foundation of these sentences in his/her mind.

2nd step: Read, speak and record, we call it RSR, in this step candidate opens the same lesson which he has already listened, he/she speak it loudly and side by side he/she record it by clicking record button of LRWS software and then he/she compares it with pre-recorded lessons. Here he/she marks his/her mistakes while speaking. When candidate practices it for at least 40 days then through this a collection of several sentences has been fixed in the candidate's sub conscious mind, resulting to which a candidate finds a drastic change in his/her thought process as earlier he/she used to think in his/her regional language or mother tongue and then he/she used to translate it in English Language that too with incorrect grammar but now he/she is thinking in English because he/she has a strong data base of English in his/her mind. Now, the pauses are removed as the language is already set in his/her mind in sentence formation and the fluency takes place in his/her mind in a permanent way. Hence, it is considered a very effective tool for learning English language.

3rd step: “writing”, we call it creation, this is also considered an essential tool in making a candidate fluent and well versed in English language. So candidate makes sentences and performs other work as per the guidelines of HOME TUTOR.

Problem no. 3 Roots, Solutions No. 3 smart Grammar

The 3rd technique is the basic foundation, We call it ROOTS, in this technique we also make it sure that to have proper understanding of English grammar and implementation of English Grammar in daily communication is very cardinal so we train candidates to imbibe grammatical skills through Smart Grammar with the help of smart grammar book and as per the guidance given by HOME TUTOR.

Problem No. 4 Direction Less, Solution No. 4 Daily Itinerary

The fourth technique is systematic Path; we call it daily itinerary through this technique we make sure that we provide proper path of learning, we organize all modules in a systematic path and every candidate learns English following a right direction. As we know that English can only be learnt following a right kind of system and a decorous itinerary. So, a concrete itinerary is set by R&D cell to train the candidates according to the systematic approach.

Altogether, these techniques provide an aid to improve a candidate's English fluency. Everyday, the session in Smart English lab is for 2 hours. The two hours session is divided into three sessions, viz. a. viz. IFR, LRWS and Roots. All these sessions are covered in Smart English Learning Lab along with this a student kit is been provided to all the students to practice the sessions. All above mentioned techniques and methodology of learning English develops a candidate's flow in English, along with this the candidates improve their grammatical flow, Pronunciation and written grammar.

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